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Why Canning vs. Bottles

Pop the Top of Quality

Canning your craft brew delivers draft-quality fresh beer that travels. Cans go where no bottle belongs: camping, parks, sports fields, the beach, the pool. From backpacking adventures to parties, craft beer drinkers want their beer to go with them.

Cracking open a cold one – especially after summiting to the top of a peak or finishing an epic bike ride – is easier with cans. They cool faster than glass so campers can stick them in a cold stream and have a refreshing craft brew in minutes. It’s like having a mini-keg in your hand. No tap, no bottle-opener required.

Metallic is Mythic

Can technology has advanced significantly since the steel cans of the 1950s, and modern cans are lined to prevent interaction with the contents. In fact, in a range of blind taste tests, canned craft brews have a slight edge over bottles.

Light Breaks Your Brew

Glass of all colors, including dark amber, allows light to permeate your craft. Light is destructive to the organic compounds in beer that make the flavors everyone is so crazy about.

This destruction is called “oxidative rancidity,” and turns fresh beer into stale beer. It can also wreck your profit by ruining the taste of your beer and shortening shelf life. Furthermore, cans are better than bottles at preventing air from getting in – air being the biggest enemy of a delicious brew.

Aluminum Cans Crush It for the Environment

Cans are crushable, making them even easier to pack out than pack in. Made from aluminum, the most abundant metal on earth, cans are 100% recyclable. Plus, aluminum retains its properties indefinitely and can be reused significantly more times than glass. Approximately 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today. And it’s one of the only materials in the consumer disposal stream that more than pays for cost of collection.

Cans Carry Your Bottom Line

With their compact size and lower weight – 67% less – cans cost less than bottles to ship. Craft brewers are using the savings on shipping costs to expand their brands into new markets. That means they’re getting more cans into more customers’ hands.

Innovation Loves Cans

Mobile canning made its debut a mere three years ago – and its popularity is soaring. This pioneering idea is straightforward: a company brings the equipment to can the beer directly to a brewery. Mobile canning is ideal for smaller brewers, especially those not yet big enough to have their own machinery.

Cans Go for the Gold

More than 40 GABF award-winning breweries use Wild Goose Canning systems.

Canning fact #28

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With their compact size and lower weight (67% less),
cans cost less than bottles to ship.