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Customer Service: As Elemental as Aluminum

All of us at Wild Goose Canning approach our work by asking, “what would satisfy me in customer service?” It’s how we’ve married our technology to our processes and created an international, world-class, service-driven company. We’ll let our customers speak for themselves.



“Quick note: Line One is running beautifully. We did 1.1 million cans last year, averaging 38 – 40 CPM with 0.3 – 0.5% lowfill/eaten cans on average. On our best day we did 1200 cases at 42 CPM for 16oz cider cans. Only one day lost to machine malfunction in the last 650,000 cans.

Thank you. I’m very happy with the machine.”

– Owen Lingley, Owner, Craft Canning and Bottling


“Just wanted to reach out and thank you for your continued support to my company. Nothing convenient about what has happened over here in the last week… but our own determination paired with your guys’ willingness to continue to help us has us up and running 95% right now.

Not every company I work with gives this kind of customer support, but it is a huge relief to know that when we call you guys with a problem, there’s someone that gives a [hoot] on the other end. Keep kicking ass.”

– Jeff Erway, President, La Cumbre Brewing Co.


“We’re pretty darned happy with the machine and the folks that stand behind it. Your product is great and your people are great.”

– Billy Pyatt, Catawba Brewing Company, Asheville, NC


“We used Wild Goose Canning out of Boulder, Colorado and couldn’t be happier with the experience.”

– Mike Harting, 3 Daughters Brewing, St. Petersburg, FL


“We love you guys! Look forward to seeing any and all of you at GABF. And by the way, you should use me as a reference. I have a reputation as being an incredibly hard to please person, and there are only a few companies I regularly recommend. Yours is one of them.”

– Jeff Erway, President, La Cumbre Brewing Co.


“Just wanted to report our single day mobile canning record of 900 cases! The MC 250 performed almost flawlessly today, just when we needed it to. Same deal tomorrow – 60+ barrels, and then another 30-40 on Thursday. Big week!”

– Mike Horn, Owner, Old Dominion Mobile Canning, Ashland, VA


“We have really seen our production increase with Wild Goose Canning. The system works great and the support has been excellent.”

– Evan Hanseth, Lead Brewer, Lumberyard Brewing Co, Flagstaff, AZ


“We LOVE our Wild Goose Canning Line here at Black Tooth. Your company is exceptional to work with, couldn’t be any happier.”

– Tim Barnes, Black Tooth Brewing Co, Sheridan, WY

“I really appreciate you and your teams work. The ease of communication and tech support from you all is awesome.”

– Jesse Woods, General Manager, Black Tooth Brewing Co, Sheridan, WY


“Thank you for all of your timely support with our seaming issue. Not many vendors go to the lengths you do to make sure problems get solved.”

– Tom (& Everyone) at Indeed Brewing Company, Minneapolis, MN


“After losing our mobile canner that used one of Wild Goose’s competitors, we are currently using a new mobile canner that has one of your systems. I can honestly say there is quite a difference in the two units after having used both. Your system, although more expensive, is vastly superior.”

– Richard Musso, Founder, Keuka Brewing


“I am a happy new owner of a Wild Goose. So far my machine has worked as promised. I have worked with other canning machine manufacturers and their tech support and was very disappointed. Tays and Marty were the techs that installed my machine and trained my team and I. Tays and Marty seemed to make a great team and it showed. Set up and installation of the equipment went flawlessly. Ever-patient with my team and I, your techs gave us superb training. Our first couple runs with them went great. Our first run without them went well, obviously great equipment and training makes life easier.

I have neighbors who have purchased Wild Goose and I recommended asking for Tays and Marty as their techs. I have neighbors and friends on the fence about what canning manufacturer to go with. I tell them Wild Goose and ask for Tays and Marty.

Keep up the great work Wild Goose team!”

– Dan Case, Insight Brewing Company


“Just wanted to let you guys know this new lidless sensor we finally got installed yesterday is the best creation ever. Thanks to the guys who engineered that.”

– Cam “YETI” Wattling, Packaging Supervisor, Sockeye Brewing Co, Boise, ID

Case Study 1: Lucky Town Brewing

Beer drinkers who wanted choices have had a tough time in Mississippi, where lawmakers only raised the ABV in 2012. The founders of Lucky Town Brewing, Jackson’s first brewery since Prohibition, saw an opportunity to change that. They began by distributing their popular brews in kegs through retail and in bar taps for a couple years, but Lucky Town’s true ambition is to grow enough to saturate the Mississippi market in the next 12 months and expand further, becoming a major South East regional brewery.

To achieve its goal, Lucky Town realized it needed a better packaging strategy and so chose to work with Wild Goose Canning, purchasing and installing a WGC 100 dual head filler system. The canning line gives Lucky Town the volume it needs to create a “bottle business,” and gain shelf space at big-box, convenience and private retail stores, while entering the field at a price point it can reasonably afford and expect a rapid ROI.

As a packaging decision, Lucky Town chose canning over bottling based on its knowledge of its market and customer fundamentals. “For us here in Mississippi,” explained Chip Jones, Co-Founder of Lucky Town Brewing, “the warm weather lends itself to a lot of outdoor activities, events and festivals; golfing, poolside, camping, fishing, beaches, ballparks. If you want to take beer to most of those places, it has to be in cans.

“Even more importantly, the can is better for the beer. We want to ensure that the beer our customers experience is as close as possible to our initial intent, and cans are the most viable option available to us.”

Until December of 2014, all of Lucky Town beer was sold by draft (kegs) only. However, the brewer anticipates roughly 70% of all its beer sold will eventually be packaged in cans, which will represent a significant portion of its sales. In 2014, they yielded approximately $150k in sales and, with canning, projections for 2015 are in the half million dollar range. “Canning,” Jones said, “will increase our sales by 250 percent almost immediately.”

Case Study 2: Bissell Brothers

Increasing sales capacity is what Portland-based Bissell Brothers Brewing Company was looking for when upgrading from Wild Goose’s entry-level manual system to the WGC 100. Although Bissell opened its doors just over a year ago as a 10 barrel brewhouse, due in large part to its wildly successful “The Substance” brew, it has already increased its brite tank capacity twice. On an average Saturday afternoon, people start lining up at Bissell Brothers 30 minutes before the tap room opens its doors for on-premise sales because the cans generally sell out within an hour.

“When we were in the planning stages before we even opened, we were scheming ways to move the cans once we had them, like it was going to be a problem. It was just a genuine shock to watch such quantities of our beer move so fast,” mused Noah Bissell, Co-Founder and Head Brewer.

So now that Bissell has done everything to increase production, the bottleneck to throughput is at the final point: the canning process. Bissell has been using Wild Goose’s entry-level manual canning system to produce roughly eight to ten 16-ounce cans per minute – or roughly 20 – 25 cases per hour. At $27,000, Wild Goose’s WGC 50 manual system has an attractive price for new brewers who want to mitigate their capital investment costs when starting out, but most soon learn that success swiftly creates the need for a faster system to can their “liquid gold.”

“We knew we had to make the jump to keep up with customer demand,” reasoned Bissell. “And moving to the WGC 100 – at up to 28 to 30 (16 ounce) cans a minute – pretty much triples our output. We’re confident our return on the investment will be a quick one, especially since the modularity of the Goose line allows us to realize some credit towards our upgrade purchase.”

As Bissell Brothers has experienced first-hand, choosing a canning system that has the modularity to grow with your business pays off.

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