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From Idea to Flight: the Wild Goose Canning Story

Two innovative engineers. One ambitious brewer. Five initial cans per minute. Wild Goose Canning grew from a summer afternoon in Boulder, Colorado when neighbor Upslope Brewing knocked on the door of the Wild Goose Engineering firm, asking for help troubleshooting a slow, faulty canning system. A few beers later, Wild Goose Canning’s founders realized not only could they fix the system, they could build a better one from the ground up.

With that success, Wild Goose Canning debuted a model of the first canning system at the 2011 Craft Brewers Conference and left with nearly 200 customer requests. Wild Goose Canning’s innovations revolutionized seaming to provide the best can integrity in the industry, and also gave rise to the mobile canning industry, allowing small craft producers to get their premium product into customer hands.

Since then, Wild Goose Canning has catered to independent craft beverage producers seeking a high-quality, small-footprint canning system that cans product reliably and affordably. From manual to automated to mobile systems, Wild Goose Canning’s state-of-the-art machines are helping craft producers all over the world achieve their best canned beer, cider, wine, coffee, spirits, juice and more.

Wild Goose-Meheen Corporate Locations

Colorado Office

1750 55th Street
Unit B
Boulder, CO 80301

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F +1 720-255-2265

Minnesota Office

1400 Van Buren St. NE
Ste 200-219
Minneapolis, MN 55413

P +1 509-547-7029
F +1 509-547-0939

Washington Office

325 N. Oregon Avenue
Pasco, WA 99301

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F +1 509-547-0939

European Office

The Netherlands

P +31-6-11 13 37 72

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Made from aluminum, the most abundant metal on earth,
cans are 100% recyclable.