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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If our FAQs don’t answer all your questions, give us a call at 720.406.7442 at our office in Boulder, Colorado.

System Details

What are some basic specifications on your machines?

You can review the exact specifications for each machine by clicking the link:
WGC 600
WGC 250
WGC 250M
WGC 100
WGC 50

How do Cans Per Minute (CPM) translate into cases or barrels?
Model 12 oz Cans Per Minute Cans Per Hour Cases Per Hour Barrels Per Hour
WGC 50 8 – 12 480 – 720 20 – 30 1.4 – 2.2
WGC 100 27 – 31 1620 – 1860 68 – 78 4.9 – 5.6
WGC 250 38 – 42 2280 – 2520 95 – 105 6.8 – 7.5
WGC 600 84 – 98 5040 – 5280 210 – 220 15.2 – 16

Do you offer seaming technology for different sized cans?

WGC systems designed for the US market can package 12-ounce and 16-ounce cans. We ship our systems built for the EU market with the ability to package 330ml and 500ml cans.

All WGC systems can be modified to accommodate further sizes
like 24-ounce, 19.2-ounce, 500 ml and others with additional engineering time and costs. We have accommodated slim cans in the past for a few of our wine lines.

Do you provide a carton packager?

We do not, however we can put you in contact with folks who provide such machines.

What are your average Dissolved Oxygen (DO) pickup numbers?

Our patented technology is capable of producing some of the lowest DO pickup levels in the industry. Call us to find out what WGC customers are seeing in the field.

What percentage of lid drops are true? Does the machine automatically fix incorrectly dropped lids?

All WGC systems will detect missed lids prior to seaming the can and stop. The WGC 250 and 100 machines do not automatically reject the can. The operator has the option to manually place a lid or remove the can from the system.

How easy is it to set up and tear down your canning lines?

Once installed, there is no need to set up/tear down our stationary canning lines. The mobile systems (WGC 250M) require set up each and every time they are brought in to a new environment. We would estimate a little more than an hour to set up,
run CIP and start dialing in product on the system.

How easy is it to repair a WGC system, if needed? Can they be fixed in the field with easily attainable parts?

WGC systems are very user-friendly and we have a customer service team that prides itself on quick turnaround for parts, including overnight shipping. You can also purchase a spare parts kit to have on hand. Furthermore, we make it very easy for
you to source parts independently if you so desire. All systems come standard with a one-year limited parts and 6-month limited service warranty.

Do your systems ship with a spare parts kit?

All of our systems come with a WGC toolbox, and you have the option to purchase spare part kits.

Is a standard air compressor appropriate to run the pneumatics on the WGC systems?

The system requires clean dry air. Therefore, a refrigerated air dryer and coalescing air filter are mandatory. The systems are pneumatically-driven, and most require approximately 16 cfm @ 90 psi to ensure proper function and quality seams.

What ancillary modules does Wild Goose Canning offer?

We offer several modules to add to your base system in order to increase automation, boost production and minimize labor. These modules work with all WGC systems (except for the WGC 50). Modules available include:

  • Depalletizing Modules (manual and mobile). The WGC Depalletizing Modules feed pallets of cans to compatible WGC systems, layer by layer. The depalletizing modules need user intervention once per layer and can support multiple can sizes.
  • Rinse Tunnel Module The RT Module (not a dryer) attaches to the WGC systems’™ Seaming Station and is designed to rinse cans after seaming, then remove the majority of the moisture from the lid via air jets so cans are ready for packaging.
  • Inlet Pressure/Temperature Monitoring Module These highly accurate gauges are designed to monitor the product temperature and pressure as fluid enters the Fill Station in order to maintain optimal filling parameters. The modules allow the operator to note changes in product conditions.
Can I get a depalletizer to work with a WGC 50?

The WGC 50 is a manual system. As such, our modules (such as depalletizers) are not compatible with the WGC 50.

How many people do we need to run our WGC Systems in order to achieve maximum output?

Depending on the system, we’ve found two to four canning operators to be ideal in achieving maximum output with WGC systems.

Do you provide label applicators, case packing systems or invertors?

Our main focus is canning, and we have designed depalletizers to improve efficiency. We work closely with many companies that provide these modules, and would be happy to pass along that information during your custom quote process.

Do you have CE-mark certified machines for my brewery in Europe?

Yes. We make three: the WGC 100CE, the WGC 250CE and WGC 250MCE. We also have created a manual depalletizer for the CE market.

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Mobile Systems

Do you offer mobile canning systems?

We are the market leaders in providing mobile canning systems! Wild Goose Canning designs and builds both stationary equipment for use in breweries, wineries and craft beverage makers, as well as mobile systems for the emerging mobile canning industry.
The mobile line most notably features a shorter frame for improved center of gravity, durable, off-road casters rather than our standard 4” casters for easier mobility and overall reinforced structuring to withstand the constant movement in trailers
on the road. Currently we offer mobile versions of our WG 100 and WGC 250, CE-certified WGC 250 and manual depalletizer.

I am interested in starting a Mobile canning business. Can you help me?

We are happy to help you determine which system will best fit your needs. Give us a call at 720.406.7442 or click here to request more information.

For your mobile systems, how much space do they take up when being operated or transported? Would it be possible to operate it from the top of a truck (provided the brewery supplies water/electricity)?

Our mobile systems have a smaller footprint than our stationary systems, measuring 38.5” by 89.5” by 68” high (without the removable lid tube in place). This makes them very easy to transport in a trailer or commercial van. We recommend that they
be rolled into a brewery to be operated.

Do you offer mobile systems in Europe?

Yes, we offer the WGC 250 MCE, a CE-certified canning system for the European market.

Do I need a mobile system if I want to move the canning line within my brewery for storage?

No – most of our stationary canning systems are built with casters and are designed to be moved within a brewery on flat surfaces. Only our depalletizers and WGC 600 do not have casters.

I’m a new, small brewer, so I’m most interested in the WGC 50. What do I need to know?

The only manual system in the Wild Goose Canning lineup, the WGC 50 is a good choice for nano-brewers or small batch production concerns that have limited space and production goals. It is also a useful machine for test market projects.

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Purchasing Details and Process

What are the various prices on your systems and add-ons?

Due to the highly customized nature of our canning systems, please call us for pricing so we can provide you with a quote that best suits your individual system needs. 720.406.7442 or click here to request more information.

What is the process for buying a WGC system?

Once we receive your paperwork and initial deposit, your system goes “into queue” here at the Boulder-based Wild Goose Canning shop. We will be in regular contact during your build-out, and within the month prior to install, we issue the final invoice,
site requirements and set the expectations for our installation procedure.

How does installation and training work?

We also schedule your system’s installation and training, which means we send at least one WGC tech to your site for two-to-four days. The first day is spent setting up and fine-tuning the canning line as well as training. On the second day, we
run the canning line with product, all the while training your staff. During the last day on-site, provide more training and have you run your canning line with your product while we supervise (and drink a can or two).

Do you lease WGC equipment?

We do not currently lease our canning lines, nor do we have payment plans, but we do have relationships with a few folks that are great for financing. Wild Goose has worked extensively with our local US Bank financing team and they have been successful
in finding ways to help a number of our customers. We are happy to make an introduction.

What is the payment structure if I’m ready to purchase (e.g., % deposit)?

Our standard terms require a 50% deposit, then 50% due prior to shipping.

Can you give me an estimate on shipping costs?

As we work with you to develop a quote, we will also include shipping cost information, which is highly variable depending on area of the country/world and types of equipment being transported.

What is the lead-time? If I sent you a deposit today, how quickly can I get my WGC system?

Lead times often vary and currently our lead-time is around 20 weeks for any of our equipment. We design and custom-build each Wild Goose Canning system to order here at our shop in Boulder, Colorado. Importantly, our customers find that this timeframe
tends to align with the lead-times required to secure cans and ends, lid top packaging and labeling from other third-party suppliers.

Is the field service required for installation, or can I forego the installation services?

A formal installation process from Wild Goose Canning is required, as this is the time when our techs set up the machine and provide training on the system, both of which we are uniquely qualified to do. Moreover, proper use and maintenance of the
system translates to better production, decreased downtime and service interruptions, and extends the length of part life. As well, the WGC warranty period begins on the date of the installation.

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Why should I choose cans over bottles?

Have you ever tried to shotgun a bottle? For more objective data, check out our “Why Canning” section of the website.

I’m researching canning for a student project – can you help me?

You’ve come to the right place. Check out our news under “Announcements” and “WGC in the News” for background information on the industry, and “Why Canning” for more information about the benefits of cans vs. bottles. Also, follow us on Facebook,
Twitter and Instagram for daily news about the industry and to see how our customers around the world use our systems.

Does your machine only work with beer?

Our machines work with a variety of products. We have customers using our equipment for wine, spirits, soda and coffee. If you have something other than beer to package, please contact us at 720.406.7442 or click here to request more information to determine our systems’ capabilities.

I’m interested in canning a coffee drink. Can I use WGC systems?

Canning cold brewed coffee is a challenge as it is considered a food product and, therefore, comes under different rules. As always, we would suggest you speak with your can manufacturer to ensure you are planning to properly quality control your
product. Another consideration is whether or not you will be pasteurizing your product(s).

Do I get my cans from you?

You can source cans and ends from Rexam, Ball, Crown, and in South America, Envases del Plata. Wild Goose Canning systems are designed to be compatible with any can manufacturer’s product you choose. We would suggest beginning your research and
contracting your source at the same time you begin considering your system needs in order to ensure no delays in your timeline. You also need to consider timelines for label artwork (e.g., TTB approval, etc.).

Does Wild Goose receive royalties from the cans I purchase?

Wild Goose systems work with all major can manufacturers. Customers have a choice now and in the future when working with Wild Goose.

What is the resale value of your machines?

Not many Wild Goose systems come on the market for resale. Therefore, they retain much of their value. Do consider that used systems do not come with a parts and service warranty, nor training.

Do I need to have a date or lot code on my can?

It depends. You will need to research your local laws to ensure that your packaged product follows all regulations. We can recommend date coders if you so require.

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Canning fact #53

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Approximately 75% of all aluminum ever produced
is still in use today.