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Wild Goose Canning Featured in Craft Beer & Brewing’s Industry Guide 2016


In “What to Look for When Selecting a Canning Machine” (page 56), the editors note “When you are making a significant capital investment in a canning line, these six tips from the canning experts at Wild Goose Canning will help you make the decision that’s best for your business.”

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Wild Goose Canning Featured in ColoradoBiz Magazine


“Speed is everything in the brewing business,” notes Upslope Brewing founder Dany Pages. That theme is evident throughout this feature article, which delves into the birth and rapid rise of Wild Goose Canning.

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Mobile Canning vs. Outright Purchase… That Is the Question!


The Equipped Brewer takes the most studied cost/benefit analysis to date for brewers considering whether to go with a mobile canning strategy or an in-house purchase. Wild Goose and its customers Old Dominion Mobile Canning & The Can Van are featured.

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Wild Goose Canning Pens Byline for The Brewer Magazine


With so many great Wild Goose Systems to choose from, where do you start? How can you grow into the next size up, and what are all the considerations when adding packaging to your business mix? Benefit from the lessons learned at Bissell Brothers Brewing Co. and Lucky Town Brewing.

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Outside Magazine Notes Growth of Craft Cans


Aluminum is lighter, more portable, blocks the light, seals out the oxygen — it’s just better for your beer and better for the Earth. But you knew that already. What you may not have known was that Wild Goose helps can two of the winning beers from this year’s Canned Beer Fest. Way to go, Sockeye and Southern Star!!

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The UK is Catching Up to the US


Yes, it’s true that you could always find a mainstream brew like a Carlsberg or Boddington’s in a can at your corner market. But as the craft movement flows back across the Atlantic, so too does the trend of new, smaller brewers moving towards packaging their beer in cans. This month the BBC noticed with this piece.

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Just in Time for Halloween


Cans get cooler and cooler with the help of third-party partnerships. Choosing technology-forward printers that push the envelope with advanced inks can give your product an edge on the shelf.

Griffin Claw Brewing Co is testing those waters with glow-in-the dark cans of its Screamin’ Pumpkin Ale this Fall.

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